Das 20. Jahrhundert und seine Repräsentationen

Representing the 20th Century

Dr. Paul Williams

Dr. Paul Williams specializes in the representation of political histories in museums. Since 2008 he has worked for Ralph Appelbaum Associates, the New York-based museum planning and design firm being chiefly involved with projects associated with communicating modern histories. Prior to that, Paul Williams spent several years teaching in the Museum Studies graduate program at New York University.

Select publications


Memorial Museums: The Global Rush to Commemorate Atrocities, Oxford 2007.

Recent essays

Memorial Museums and the Objectification of Suffering, in: Marstine, Janet (ed.): Routledge Companion to Museum Ethics. Redefining Ethics for the Twenty-First Century Museum, London 2011, pp. 220-236.

Hailing the Cosmopolitan Conscience: Memorial Museums in A Global Age, in: Cameron, Fiona/ Kelly, Lynda (eds.): Hot Topics, Public Culture, Museums, Newcastle 2010, pp. 227-244.